Mobility Clause in Contract of Employment Example

A mobility clause is a provision in an employment contract that allows an employer to require an employee to work at a different location than the one initially agreed upon. It is becoming more common for mobility clauses to be included in contracts of employment, especially for those in industries such as technology, healthcare, and finance.

An example of a mobility clause in a contract of employment might be:

“Mobility: The Employee may be required to work at any of the Company`s locations or at any other location to which the Company`s business may extend.”

This clause provides the employer with flexibility in terms of staffing needs and enables the business to adapt to changing circumstances. It also allows the employee to gain valuable experience by working in different environments and locations.

It is important to note that a mobility clause should be reasonable and should not violate the employee`s rights. Employees should be given sufficient notice of any changes to their place of work, and the employer should consider factors such as the employee`s family or personal circumstances when implementing a mobility clause.

In conclusion, a mobility clause is an important provision in a contract of employment that benefits both the employer and the employee. It provides flexibility and encourages career development. However, it is vital that the clause is reasonable and does not violate the employee`s rights. Employers should communicate any changes to the employee`s place of work effectively and take into account individual circumstances.

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